Dinner Vol.1

> Sharing & Snack

Roasted Cauliflower (VG) $13
Dried currant and pepitas 

Sesame seasoned smashed Tofu (V) $17
with green leaves, Burnt cherry tomato, grated Parmesan cheese

Slow cooked tender Pork belly $21
Spicy fresh radish kimchi salad 

Miso cured Salmon $21
Raw salmon cured in Miso and Soy sauce for 24 hours, served with Mandarin puree

Mushroom arancini (V) $19

With Creamy miso

Korean Fried Chicken $18


> On Hibachi Grill

Octopus (GF) $25
Chimichurri, Edamame puree, Potato

Moreton bay prawn (GF) 2pcs $21
Citrus zest and Kimchi salsa

Soy Chicken and leek skewers 2pcs $16
Salt Chicken and leek skewers (GF) 2pcs $16
Chicken meatball Skewers 2pcs $15
Spiced Lamb skewers with cumin yogurt 2pcs $20
Plant only skewers (VG) 2pcs $15

> Rice bowl

Deep fried Chicken Ricebowl $18

Tofu & Eggplant Ricebowl  (VG, GF Available) $18 

Sweet soy marinated beef Bulgogi Ricebowl $18 

Miso glazed Salmon Ricebowl $19

> Bibimbab

Tofu & Eggplant Bibimbab (VG, GF Available) $19

Sweet soy marinated beef Bulgogi Bibimbab $19

Miso glazed salmon Bibimbab $19

> Something light and small

Crumbed Eggplant Parmesan grated with Miso sauce  $12
Silken Tofu Caprese (VG) (GF available) $11
Roast Potato with Seasalt and Rosemary (VG, GF) $12
Fresh green salad with Lime capsicum vinaigrette (VG) $9
Yuzu white Kimchi (VG, GF) $7
Soy pickled Mushrooms (VG) $8

(V)Vegetarian, (VG)Vegan, (GF)Gluten Free